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Professional Leadership


Leadership can be a balancing act ....

Are you a high potential professional that wants to inspire, influence and implement with confidence yet modesty?

Do you want to develop greater awareness of the beliefs, attitudes and self-doubt that might be blocking your success? To recognize & play into your capabilities and potential to be an impactful powerful leader whilst supporting your directs and teams to be more powerful too?

Is it time for you to gain the recognition you deserve by creating the personal brand and leadership style that will help you realise your vision, values and goals?. Blaze the trail but also show the way?

How do you achieve professional success whilst at the same time ensuring work/life balance to manage stress and avoid burnout?  How can you ensure you still have time and energy to enjoy your other passions, personal goals and commitments?

I work with senior managers, executives and entrepreneurs to amplify their leadership capability and achieve greater balance through personal exploration, expansion and empowered action.

explore. expand. empower

Here's areas I can help with....



Assess the impact you currently have on peers, teams & managers across your work environment.

Clarify the impact you would like to have going forward.

Explore & understand how to be more skillful in the art of leading others.



Transition to a new leadership role.

Develop & expand your personal brand and leadership style.

Develop lasting work / life balance habits and strategies. 



Inspire & motivate teams in-person or remote.

Drive change with confidence, agility and insight.

Develop stronger interpersonal & communication skills to influence upwards, downwards and across your peer group.

Tackle difficult issues / decisions / team members. 

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Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration.

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