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Need to know more? 

 If you are new to coaching, you may still have questions.  

 Here are some that come up most often, if you have others, just click here and ask away! 

  • Why do I need coaching and will it really help me?
    Imagine the hamster on a wheel, or the dog chasing its tail, or maybe stuck in a maze trying to find the way out. That's what the human experience can feel like sometimes....AND guess what? It's actually perfectly normal albeit can really make your head hurt! Coaching is the Pause button. The opportunity to stop and explore what's really going on because you instinctively know that something needs to be different and you want something better for yourself. Its also about accountability. Having someone to champion, support, challenge you in a way that your friends, spouse and relatives cannot. Will it really help me? You can read about some of the Benefits of Coaching as described by the Harvard Medical School here: Your coaching experience is influenced by You and Your Coach. Are you motivated and committed to learn and grow? Know that change will not happen overnight. Lasting change takes time so patience and comittment are key...but you will notice changes, small to begin with but they all add up. The Bottom line: You won't know till you try and if you are curious to try, that's half way there. The rest we can work out together. What have your got to lose? Get in touch
  • What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?
    I like to use the following analogy: A therapist is like a physiotherapist, while a Coach is more like a personal trainer. A physiotherapist deals with an injury or issue that is preventing normal functioning and helps bring healing that will return you to ‘normal’. A personal trainer assumes ‘normal’ functioning, i.e. you are not ‘broken’ and nothing needs to be ‘fixed’. However, like a Coach can motivate, champion, and help you to realize your true potential for strength, growth and thus create powerful transformation. Coaching assumes you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You have all the answers and the capabilities. I assist you to uncover what those are through deep listening, curiosity and powerful questioning. I am your biggest champion and challenger in equal measure.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with high-potential, high-achieving professionals and individuals from all walks of life who want more from life, work and play. Tired of living on auto-pilot, my clients want change, personal growth, expansion and empowerment to be the very best they can be.
  • How many Coaching sessions do I need?
    Following a complimentary and no-obligation "Chemistry" session, we will agree on a number of sessions based on your requirements. Of course, it depends largely on your goals and objectives, however, typically to see effective change, I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions (4 months engagement), on a cadence of 2 sessions a month. Consider this as an investment in yourself, change does not happen overnight. Are you committed to being the best you can be and curious to explore how we can achieve this?
  • How does it work and what’s included once I sign-up?
    I am based in Dubai but I work via Zoom, so my clients are world-wide. Typically, we will meet online for 60-minute sessions, twice a month on dates and times to suit us both. I work with clients on 4-8 month programs that include:- explore Deep-dive questionnaire – for you to explore yourself. 2 x 90-minute Discovery session – for me to explore you. Personal & Professional Life Assessment - Where and who are you now? Clarification of objectives/goals/focus areas - Where do you want to go? expand Bi-monthly 60-minute coaching sessions focused on personal or professional leadership areas or challenges you wish to focus on. Unlimited email/whats app support between sessions. Regular homework/reflection to support and embed your learnings. Recommendation of relevant books, articles, podcasts, educational material to support your expansion. empower Full range of coaching tools/materials to support your development and ongoing empowerment including: Values Clarification / Strengths work / Life Purpose / Mindfulness / Self Care programs / Habit Tracking I know you are unique and I therefore I will adapt and complement the framework above to suit your personal goals and obectives.
  • How much does it cost?
    My rates are in line with industry standards for coaching practice and reflective of my experience & qualifications. I have a variety of packages that can be tailored to meet your needs. Please connect with me for a complimentary no-obligation chemistry session. What have you got to lose? Contact Me
  • Can I get a reference from a previous client?
    Confidentiality is key in a coaching relationship however if you’d like a reference from an ex-client, this can be arranged with their full permission.
  • How do I choose a coach?
    I would recommend you arrange chemistry sessions with a few coaches to see how you connect with each other. A good relationship is critical to a powerful & transformative experience. Here are some questions to consider:- - Did you trust them? Did they seem genuine? Did you feel comfortable? - Can they challenge & provoke yet be empathetic, supportive and champion you? - What professional credentials do they have? - What client experience do they have? Who do they typically work with? - Do they have their own Coach? - Do their charges fit your budget? What packages/flexibility do they offer? Bottom line: trust your instinct.
  • What makes you different?
    I have a blend of both corporate and entrepreneurial experience. By personality I am organised, diligent and professional. Yet, I believe I balance this with a lot of generous warmth, compassion and empathy towards others and myself. Change has been a contstant factor in my life from career, to countries, to parenting, to entrepreneurship...its not been an easy ride, but it has been an adventure of great learning and growth. Now its my passion to work with people so they can operate with conscious intentionality rather than auto-pilot. I want to make a difference to your life. We have one life to live. Make it count. You can read about my story here You can read more about my coaching and credentials here
  • What can I expect at the end of our Coaching Program?
    I offer a complimentary 60-minute completion session at the end of our Coaching. Here we will take time to review progress / achievements / learnings & insights and in addition we will look at what is next for you. I also offer quarterly or bi-annual ‘Laser’ sessions to keep you on track and provide on-going support as you require it. These can be booked separately on completion of the main coaching program.
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