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What my Clients say... 

Desert Mountains

Lama S

Communications & Public Affairs Lead

I started working with Sonali at a time of career transition. In our time together, Sonali has helped me reframe my thinking and supported me to tap into my true inner potential that has helped me to navigate myself closer to my goals. Sonali is professional and direct. She listens deeply and intuitively & knows when I am holding myself back. It has been a journey of not only self-exploration but also one of taking bold courageous steps towards the future I hold for myself. As I embark on my new role, I often reflect on the many insights gained during our coaching relationship. I highly recommend you reach out to Sonali if you are at a place of career transition or change in your professional life.

Beach at Sunset

Ruthie Q

Head of Strategy & Operations, MENA Region

Sonali was my coach while I was going through a lot of change at work. I found our conversations to be very human, empowering and orientated to exploration and action. She was very supportive and empathetic but also held me accountable in taking the steps I needed. Incredibly professional and understands the business environments that we work in well, so her coaching was very relevant and tangible. I would highly recommend working with her.

Pebbles on the Sand

Lara Q

Former Head of Corporate Development & Planning

After 18 years of working, leaving work was not easy. Work had been a part of my life for so long. I felt a huge part of me was gone and suddenly had this void that I struggled to fill or make meaning of. It was almost like I didn’t know who I was anymore or what I wanted.

I was introduced to Sonali through a friend. Sonali is very personable and made me feel so comfortable and open without any judgement. She has supported me on a journey of self-discovery and therefore acceptance. For that I am extremely grateful.

Tree on Cliff

Patrick S

Senior Manager

I worked with Sonali for over a year. During that time, Sonali has helped me to achieve a number of personal and professional goals. These included gaining a promotion at work, increasing my work life balance, improving my management skills and increasing my confidence in the workplace.

Sonali's style is warm and approachable, making our conversations very easy and natural. Working together, she has helped me to assess my priorities and values to then establish a workable action plan. Sonali has supported me in sticking to this plan, keeping me accountable through informal touchpoints outside of our formal sessions.


I have benefited greatly and continue to see the benefits of working with Sonali and would recommend her coaching to anyone who is seeking to unlock their potential.

Desert Landscape

Anna, M

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I have enjoyed Sonali’s coaching program immensely and found it extremely useful. Her manner is approachable, professional and confidential. During our coaching sessions, Sonali always listened attentively, exploring and drawing out relevant themes & angles. She has a wide range and knowledge of self-development techniques which she skillfully used. Sonali creates a safe space in which to explore all aspects of what you choose to focus on and in doing so, produces new insights, perspectives and possible actions. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sonali as a Personal & Professional Coach.

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