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Career Coaching ... 

Do you feel like you're coasting?


Going through the motions but not really in control of your professional life?

You’ve reached a plateau or feel stuck where you are, asking yourself "Is this it?". You want that promotion but not sure how to get there?  Or you feel under-appreciated, know you can contribute more yet feel limited by your current situation?


You notice your peers overtake you. Feeling frustrated and confused, you notice the negativity spilling over into your personal life & relationships.

You may be in a career/job and really don’t know how you ended up here!  I've been there!...It pays the bills but bores you and each day you wake up dreading the work-day ahead.  


Or have you recently lost your job? You feel anxious, fearful, inadequate and uncertain about the road ahead?

You know something needs to change.

explore. expand. empower

Countryside Road

Here's how I can help you... 

I work with Professionals facing career decisions using my 3 step program.



Examine your key strengths, skills and experience.

Understand your passion & purpose. What creates fulfillment for you?

Objectively explore what’s working for you in the workplace and what’s holding you back?



Develop new ways of being and doing that support your progression in your workplace in a way that is authentic to your style, values and purpose.

Create and step into a strong personal brand.

Creatively expand the possibilities of new career options.



Use practical experience, tools and insight gained to empower you to make the changes you now want for your future.

Develop a goals orientated action plan to support your future career plan.

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Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong

NR Narayana Murthy

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