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A Corporate Career... 

My career started as a Corporate Banker in London & Paris.

It was a fast paced, high flying, a challenging no-nonsense introduction into the world of work. 

I was ambitious but the long hours and hectic pace meant within 6 years, I was feeling exhausted, burnt out and stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy.  I was on autopilot, miserable and knew something had to change. A year of soul-searching and an enormous leap of faith made me apply for a Marketing role at Orange plc. It was a dream job with the dream company – innovative, vibrant and fun.

Getting over the fact I actually got the job, I jumped head first into feeling like a complete imposter in this sexy new tech-world...Did I really have what it takes? I knew nothing about Telecoms, everyone was so much smarter than get the picture?  It took time, but eventually I began to settle in and for the first time...I truly felt I was in the right place with the right people. I realised then what it was to be in ‘Flow’. To do something so absorbing, you lose track of time or sense of any effort required to do it.

Leaving this dream job was a hard decision, but had to be made, and what followed was an incredible 20 years of living and working across the world from Shanghai to Chicago. During this time I also became a parent, with every day being a lesson in self-awareness, patience, and putting others first....and believe me, 20 years on I’m still learning! Expatriate life has many positives but an equal number of unspoken challenges, such as a lack of belonging, loneliness, adapting to cultural & language differences, transient friendships and job insecurity. I've been through them all.  

Whilst abroad, I established a Yoga & Wellness business, running workshops and teaching yoga to individuals, groups and schools. The freedom of entrepreneurship meant I had no one but myself to answer to, but this was balanced with the several bouts of self-doubt, fear of failure and procrastination! Nonetheless it was a rewarding journey of embracing creativity, fun and the pursuit of a passion.

Meditating in Mountains

 A New Start... 

 More change....

Every day was the same old routine doing the same old things.  

Know that feeling? It creeps up on you as it did for me.  I longed for a new focus, learning and growth. I researched new business ideas, doing a Masters, returning to the Corporate world. I felt bored, confused and frustrated...keen to do something different but not sure what.

I was offered a sample session by a friend who is an Executive Coach.  I'll be honest, I was quite skeptical.  Yet, in that one session, I felt lighter. Possibilities seemed to open up, I was able to speak freely, was listened to and challenged in a way that a good friend, spouse or relative cannot.  

Asset 6@3x.png

I kept coming back to this experience and knew there was something here that I wanted to share with others.   I love to connect with people, to support them, watch them grow and show them just how incredible they truly are. This is the basis of my Wellness business and so there was an immediate synergy of purpose & passion once again.  And so a new journey began in 2018 as I launched into Coach Training.

Today, I work with professionals like you who want change in some aspect of their work or personal lives. The one single constant in my life has been change...and whilst not always easy, it has opened up opportunities that I could not have imagined before.  It's never too late to make that change happen for you.  

If it's time for you to start living with conscious intent rather than on auto-pilot, get in touch for a no-obligation chemistry call to see what's possible.

You have one life to live.   Make it count. 

We cannot become what we want

by remaining what we are

Max Depree


 Fun Facts... 

Afternoon tea, with scones, cream and jam is my ultimate comfort.

I summited Mount Kenya in January 2020 just before COVID-19 spoilt all our travel fun.

I am addicted to storage boxes.

I love hiking, adventurous travel, cooking & yoga.

Lakes and Mountains are my go to.

I was evacuated in an armoured truck with military protection during the Cairo Revolution in 2011.

My favorite book is ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton Mistry.

I had a Saturday job working in the Hosiery & Fashion Accessories department of Debenhams in Manchester.

I am married with two beautiful teenage daughters.

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